WIN Canterbury: Wellbeing event - Tools for integrating self-care in the real world

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Join us for Yoga, breathing, breakfast and a presentation just for you! 

Following on from the success of our previous WIN Canterbury wellbeing events, we are excited to bring you another inspiring and uplifting edition. WIN Canterbury together with Beca are delighted to invite you to help you find some time for yourself and your mental health in the build up to the silly season. 

Hamish our wellness expert will start with a simple and accessible yoga practice that caters to a wide spectrum of students.  The yoga session will start from 7:00am-7:40am, followed by breakfast and presentation at 7:45am-8:30am to provide you tools for how we can integrate self-care into our everyday lives. There will be a focus on the principle of equanimity and tools to give you access to composure in the face of challenge. 

 Please note that yoga mats will be provided and there are limited spaces for the yoga session. 

If you do not wish to take part in the yoga, you are more than welcome to join for breakfast and presentation, please reach out to in this instance.

Presenter Details

Hamish Kenworthy, Director and Principal Teacher, Apollo Power Yoga

Hamish is a director and principal teacher of Apollo Power Yoga.  Hamish has run Apollo Power Yoga, together with his wife, Margo, since 2013 and has run a yoga teacher training programme since 2016.  He teaches workshops, retreats around the country, teaching both invigorating, strengthening and mobilising vinyasa yoga and slow-moving, deep-stretching yin yoga.  He is also a mentor and life coach focusing on holistic wellness and health.

 Hamish has an engaging and empowering style of teaching that leaves his students with a lasting feeling of enthusiasm for their yoga practice and contentment in themselves.  Hamish's students say:

"Your energy is constant and infectious",

"Your yoga classes have been outstanding and by far the most positive and uplifting I have ever been to".


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