The Infrastructure Collective: The Inner Circle with Abbas Nazari


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Infrastructure NZ's The Infrastructure Collective Network is pleased to invite you to a close-knit interactive session with an industry leader exclusively for our members. We call it 'The Inner Circle'. 

In these exclusive sessions, an industry leader leads a discussion with a small group of The Infrastructure Collective members on a hot topic in infrastructure. You will be participating, not just listening, so bring your questions and opinions along, find out about our expert, and what they are leading in their sector. This session will be limited to 10 people, so you’ll need to be quick to snap up your place at the table.

The purpose of this event is to focus on a culturally diverse workplace and empower people to develop their talents and skills. A range of ideas and expertise enables us to learn from a more diverse collection of colleagues. It can also boost problem-solving capabilities, increase productivity and help navigate through changing times with confidence.

Speaker Abbas Nazari will use his experience and expertise to lead you through how to better understand your own situations and how he overcame the cultural diversities in his journey to date. From a child refugee granted asylum to New Zealand to being named a finalist for the 2022 Young New Zealander of the Year.

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In 2001 Abbas and his family fled Afghanistan as refugees and ended up on a small fishing boat in the Indian Ocean. When their boat started to sink, they were rescued by the cargo ship, the Tampa. In what became known as the Tampa Affair, the rescued asylum seekers were denied entry into Australia at gunpoint. Eventually, Abbas and his family were granted asylum to New Zealand and now they are proud Afghan-Kiwis. In 2019, Abbas was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to the United States, where he graduated with a Master's in Security Studies from Georgetown University, Washington DC. His memoir, After the Tampa: From Afghanistan to New Zealand is a #1 bestseller and he has recently been named a finalist for the 2022 Young New Zealander of the Year. Abbas will be speaking about his journey, overcoming adversity and some lessons learned along the way.

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