TIC Auckland: Inner Circle with Norm McKenzie on Good Employer’s, Good Employee’s (Māori Economy)


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The Infrastructure Collective Auckland invites you to The Inner Circle with Norm McKenzie on Good Employer’s, Good Employee’s (Māori Economy).

For the future of work, how might we begin to understand the dynamics between Good Employer’s and Good Employee’s? Even more so for those who are under-served whānau furthest from the labour market, such as young people, people who are not in education, employment or training, sole parents and people who have experienced long-term unemployment or sporadic, low wage employment. The more we begin to understand the future workforce we are a step closer to identifying the system levers that enable these barriers and how we collectively address them.

Norm McKenzie is the Kaihautū for The Southern Initiative Māori and Pasifika Trades Training consortia which sits in the Community and Social Innovation unit of Auckland Council. He has been working in this role for the past 6 years supporting employers who have signed up through a memorandum of understanding (MoU) and Private Training Establishments (PTEs) under service level agreements (SLAs) that look to PTEs to recruit, train & retain and place into “jobs with dignity”. i.e. long-term, sustainable, staircased  employment in the Construction, Infrastructure industries and the Allied trades including a living wage strategy. He will have a particular focus on whānau Māori in South & West Auckland while addressing some of the systemic challenges that they are faced with.

Norm will share lessons learned from his corporate career (in finance, sales & marketing) and discuss strategies to develop collaborative partnerships, and what it really takes to enable whānau to thrive. This inner circle discussion will be an opportunity for a group of Infrastructure Collective members to build their capability in understanding the future of work and what will need to be done to ensure we work toward the goal of the greater good.

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Norm McKenzie, Kaihautū for The Southern Māori & Pasifika Trades Training

Norm has successfully led small, medium and large sales and marketing organisations in New Zealand (NZ) and the United Kingdom (UK). In good and difficult environments, he has ensured market retention and client acquisition second to none.

He has excellent skills in governance and leadership at finance, sales and marketing senior management levels in NZ and the UK, and is experienced with private, public and not for profit environments.  In these financial, sales and marketing roles he has been responsible for revenues ranging from $10 million to $120 million per annum.

Norm has delivered small business management programmes and is active with business coaching and strategic flight paths focussing on managers/owners in small to medium sized businesses.  He brings wisdom, clarity, direction, and the confidence to successfully make change, to organisations that need to recover or make better progress. 


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