TIC Auckland: Inner Circle on Infrastructure Costs in New Zealand with Peter Nunns


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TIC Auckland is pleased to invite you to attend the Inner Circle on Infrastructure Costs in New Zealand with Peter Nunns.

The Infrastructure Commission Te Waihanga recently published a report “The lay of the land: Benchmarking New Zealand’s infrastructure delivery costs” benchmarking infrastructure delivery costs against other high-income countries to see how New Zealand was doing and if there are ways we can improve the affordability of infrastructure delivery. 

The Infrastructure Commission’s work included looking at eight different categories of projects: urban and rural motorways, road tunnels, underground rail, rail stations, electricity transmission, windfarms and hospitals. Generally speaking, the large scale complex (and horizontal) projects seem to have costs that were different and higher than some other international countries and for other standardised vertical projects like wind farms and rail stations, New Zealand seems to be much more aligned. 

This virtual event is an opportunity for a small group of members of TIC to hear from and discuss with Peter Nunns, Director of Economics for the Infrastructure Commission Te Waihanga, about the report and his research on the cost to deliver infrastructure in New Zealand and the need to improve the efficiency of our infrastructure sector. 

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Peter Nunns, Director of Economics, Te Waihanga

Peter Nunns is Director of Economics at the New Zealand Infrastructure Commission, Te Waihanga. His objective in this role is to provide evidence on how we can increase the efficiency of the New Zealand infrastructure sector. He has previously worked in central government, local government and consultancy, often with a focus on housing, transport economics, and urban development.


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