WIN Northland: Powering the Future of Transportation


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The Women's Infrastructure Network Northland chapter is proud to present WIN Northland: Powering the Future of Transportation on Thursday 21 September.

Globally the transportation sector contributes about 25% of all CO2 emissions, and electrification of transport will play a big part in reducing those emissions. But the total emission reduction from electrification also depends on the source of the electricity that is powering EVs, so renewable energy has a big role to play in the electrification journey.

Join us to discuss NZ’s electrification uptake, how we will enable the charging infrastructure and the renewable energy resources we will need to power these vehicles. Fiona Bycroft from Naut will provide some updates on the landscape of electric transportation with a special focus on marine. She will take us through the various applications for electrified marine transport and how to prepare to convert to electric boating. Lauren will then provide an update of where all the renewable energy will come from and how this can be directed to where it is needed.

Drinks and nibbles provided.

Presenter Details

Fiona Bycroft - General Manager, Naut

Fiona is passionate about building people and teams to deliver better products - both for the user and the planet. With qualifications in both engineering and business administration, as well as considerable experience in a range of industries in New Zealand and globally, Fiona has a great mix of both technical and people skills to lead Naut.  Founded in 2021, Naut has already seen great success with local and international companies. 

Lauren Faithfull - Manager Renewables, McKay

Lauren is an engineer with experience in energy solutions for both non-renewable and renewable sectors. Having begun her career in the oil and gas industry, Lauren has an understanding of process engineering and the delivery of engineering support for large-scale energy production processes. Within her role as Renewables Manager McKay, she has worked in the New Zealand renewable energy industry for the past 3 years and witnessed first-hand the acceleration of solar and wind projects around the country.


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