TIC Auckland: The Inner Circle with Amelia Rentzios


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The Infrastructure Collective Auckland invites you to The Inner Circle with Amelia Rentzios.

Amelia Rentzios is Head of Operations for Hiringa Energy and has over 15 years' experience in the energy sector. She will be discussing how individuals can influence and generate change within organisations and industries, irrespective of their position and seniority. In doing so, Amelia will explore her efforts in supporting energy transition and decarbonising industry to help generate positive, enduring outcomes. 

This event is open to a small group of 10 members from The Infrastructure Collective (formerly Emerging Talent) to chat with Amelia about her career path, experiences and the work underway at Hiringa Energy.

Presenter Details

Amelia Rentzios, Head of Operations, Hiringa Energy

Amelia is Head of Operations for Hiringa Energy, a green hydrogen company launching New Zealand’s first hydrogen refuelling network as well as Power to X projects. She spent the majority of her career in Oil and Gas operations both abroad and in New Zealand before moving over to the new energy space. She is passionate about supporting the energy transition and aims to promote change through influence and education. 


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