TIC Wellington: The Inner Circle with Zoë Bashforth on Building Disputes: Adjudication


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The Infrastructure Collective Wellington invites you to The Inner Circle with Zoë Bashforth on Building Disputes: Adjudication. Statutory adjudication under the Construction Contracts Act (the Act) is the most commonly used dispute resolution process in New Zealand for resolving building and construction disputes, offering a unique, fast, and relatively straightforward statutory process for resolving disputes that arise under construction contracts.

Over the course of a decade Zoë Bashforth Director at WT Partnership has been involved in high profile adjudication cases across the construction sector – being both an expert witness and providing high level peer review statements to the courts of New Zealand.

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Zoë Bashforth, Director, WT Partnership

Having worked on large-scale projects throughout New Zealand and the United Kingdom, Zoë has built up a wealth of international knowledge that she can draw from for each project she is involved in.  She takes an optimistic and proactive approach to each project with the aim of addressing clients’ challenges head on.

Zoë’s expertise covers rail, roads, public realm, subdivision and three waters sectors. She specialises in post contract delivery and providing expert witness services, as well as providing procurement advice and due diligence services. She also takes an active role in the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors acting as an assessor for candidates undergoing their Assessment of Professional Competence. With a flexible style of working and strong team building capabilities, Zoë strives to maximise project outcomes for clients.  


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