TIC Canterbury: Inner Circle with Neil Hampson - Supply Chain versus Demand Issues


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TIC Canterbury is pleased to invite you to The Inner Circle: Supply Chain versus Demand Issues. The purpose of this event is to inform and educate those effected by the current supply and demand issues we are facing. Being two years into a pandemic with a long road ahead until normality, supply and demand chains are constantly changing and strained, encompassed with unprecedented price increases.

Neil Hampson is the Southern Regional Distribution Manager at Humes Pipeline Systems and will use his expertise in the industry to dive into what is going on in the background, how to navigate this time and how to prepare for the future. 

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Neil Hampson is the South Island Regional Distribution Manager for Humes Pipeline systems. He has been with Humes for just over four and a half years, bringing a range of business knowledge from a variety of industries. Covid has forced the business to make tough decisions, adapt and grow, and Neil has been a critical part of this process. Despite supply and demand issues, Humes has still been able to grow as a business and team morality, to better than it’s been before. 

Neil is passionate about his work and helping grow and progress employees to fulfil their potential. He thrives on being a part of this process, teaching people how to tap into their strengths and get to where they want to be. 


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