TIC Auckland: Inner Circle with James Reddish - Decarbonisation


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The Infrastructure Collective Auckland and WSP are proud to present the Inner Circle with James Reddish - Decarbonisation.

Across the world, governments and businesses have committed to reducing carbon emissions to limit the impacts of global warming. But how do we bring this decarbonisation ambition to life in our cities and communities?

James Reddish is a Technical Director – Stormwater and Catchment Management at WSP with 22 years of work experience in the infrastructure industry. James is leading the decarbonisation effort in the Earth, Environment and Water sector within WSP. He will discuss the opportunities and challenges to reduce whole of life carbon emissions in infrastructure. This event provides a prime opportunity for Infrastructure Collective members to hear from James and ask questions about his decarbonisation experience and career journey.

This event is open to a small group of 10 members from The Infrastructure Collective to hear from James about his involvement in working towards a low-carbon future.

Presenter Details

James Reddish, Technical Director, WSP

James Reddish is a Technical Director – Stormwater and Catchment Management with WSP. His role involves strategic planning and policy-making through to detailed design and construction of stormwater infrastructure. James provides technical leadership to a wide range of stormwater and flood risk projects in New Zealand. He is also WSP’s Decarbonisation Taskforce lead for their Earth, Environment and Water sector.


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