TIC Canterbury: Normalising Emotions in the Workplace


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The Infrastructure Collective Canterbury presents Normalising Emotions in the Workplace is a panel event focusing on lived experiences of how professionals in the infrastructure sector acknowledge and deal with emotions in the workplace. 

As humans, we cannot be expected to “leave life at the door” whilst bringing our authentic selves to work. So, let’s come together and hear from consultants, contractors and experts in the field on the importance of acknowledging emotions in the workplace.

Upon registering, please submit questions or topics you would like to hear about to guide the panellists on their discussions.

This event is kindly sponsored by Aurecon

Presenter Details


Sam Morris, Civil & Water Engineer, Aurecon

Sam is a born and bred Cantabrian working as a Civil and Water engineer. She is super passionate about bringing people back to the focus on the infrastructure sector through her strong soft skills including empathy and listening. 


Dan Winter, New Zealand Regional Information Management Lead, Aurecon

 Dan is a New Zealand Regional Information Management Lead, responsible for information management on projects. Dan has recently had a child and is juggling both being a parent and a significant contributor to the digital space at work. 

Charlie Munns, Field Officer, Mates in Construction

Charlie is a field officer and has always been interested in helping people and wanting to make a positive change. Once he found out about MATES and the change they were trying to make he couldn't be more excited to begin his career with them.  His goal is to bring awareness around suicide and look forward to making a positive change in construction industry in Aotearoa.

Maddie Van Sitter, Field Officer, Mates in Construction

Maddie is a field officer and comes from a military background. He shares some of the skills that he has developed from military background to help spread the awareness and provide tools to change the narrative on suicide. 

Trang Pham, Civil Engineer, Aurecon

Trang is a civil engineer and has recently moved over from Australia. She has broad experience in delivering projects in highly constrained urban areas, such as various railway station upgrades, and also in isolate rural areas, such as solar farms. She is passionate about collaborative engagement to deliver projects that have positive impact and believes that it starts with meaningful conversations within the workplace first.


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